Why Is My A/C Leaking Water?

During the summer, Las Vegas is home to high temperatures and overworked air conditioners. With the average temperature outside in the upper 90’s or lower 100’s, air conditioning units are forced to work harder to keep homes cooler inside. If not well maintained, an overworked AC can develop a wide range of repair problems or concerns.


One of the most common concerns for air conditioner repair comes from a water leak. Regardless if your AC is leaking water inside or outside the home, a leak is something you should address quickly before your house heats up as much as the Las Vegas desert.


Why Is There Water In An Air Conditioner?


In order to cool the air inside, an air conditioning unit first pulls in warm air from outside and cools it down as it passes over an evaporator coil. As this happens, condensation or moisture develops on the coil, drips down into the drain pan, and flows out of the house through the condensate drain line and then evaporates.


Because of this process, it is normal to find a small amount of water or moisture in your AC unit. If you start to notice an accumulation of water, puddles, or a continuous water leak, there may be a problem causing this.


If you’re unsure about a water leak, the best thing to do is to schedule an inspection with a professional air conditioner repair company. Experienced technicians will be able to determine if there is a problem and provide an effective solution.


Causes Of Leaking Water In Air Conditioners


Leaking water can be the cause of a number of different problems including:


Clogged Condensate Drain Line


A clogged drain line is one of the most common causes for leaking water in an air conditioner. Dust and dirt can easily build up in the drain line and prevent water from funneling out where it can evaporate. Even a partial blockage can affect how well water is able to flow out.


Damaged Drain Pain


If the drain pan is cracked or damaged, water may leak out or leak through rather than flowing into the drain line.


Disconnected Drain Line


Over time, the connection of the drain line to the air conditioner can loosen or even disconnect and cause a leak as water flows through.


Dirty Air Filters


Failing to replace air filters on a regular basis can affect more than just your air quality. Dirty or clogged air filters prevent air from flowing through the system, which can then prevent air intake of the evaporator coil. When airflow is blocked, the evaporator coil can freeze over and create a leak as the excess frozen moisture melts.


Low Refrigerant Levels


Refrigerant is responsible for cooling air as it passes over the evaporator coils. Insufficient amounts of refrigerant can also cause evaporator coils to freeze over leading to leaking water or an overflowing drain pan.


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