Common Air Conditioner Repairs

Are you feeling the heat yet? Before you know it, the temps with raise and air conditioning will be in high demand everywhere. Especially during summer temps in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, having an AC that is running smooth is pretty important. 

When you start up your AC for the first time of the year, there’s a few things to be aware of to catch any potential repair needs before they become a headache–or your out of AC during a heat wave. To keep you cool all summer, we’ve listed a few main things to be aware of with your air conditioner: 


Just like a car, air conditioner motors function better with regular maintenance. Failing to properly maintain your air conditioner can cause it to work inefficiently, increasing energy bills, and forcing replacement sooner than necessary. 

Annual AC maintenance checks simple things like air filters and coils. This keeps the compressor and fans clear to operate properly. Filters should be replaced, while evaporator and condenser coils should be cleaned. A simple tune-up can solve many minor AC problems, and keep repair costs lower. 

Yearly inspections also provide an opportunity for AC repair technicians to inspect your system for developing problems, fixing small issues before extensive repairs are needed. Identifying failing components and replacing a less costly part early on can save you from replacing an expensive unit down the road.


AC units need refrigerant in order to operate efficiently. If your air conditioner is not cooling as it should, it could be because of low refrigerant levels or a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants can harm both you and the environment, so it is important that you call a professional & licensed AC technician to inspect any potential leaks, and to fix them quickly.  


Another common problem for an air conditioner that is not running efficiently is a frozen evaporator coil. Air filters that have not been changed properly can become dirty and clogged, preventing airflow and causing evaporator coils to overwork and ice up. Frozen evaporator coils should be quickly addressed and fixed before they lead to more AC damage.


Using your air conditioner correctly and following basic tips helps to maximize the efficiency of your unit. Familiarize yourself with your AC instruction manual for any usage tips, like keeping doors and windows closed tightly, or feel free to ask an AC technician for advice.


Overworked and dirty units can cause your system to blow a fuse. A blown fuse can be easily replaced, but it’s important to check the source of the problem. An air conditioner inspection by a licensed technician can give you a straight answer on whether your blown fuse just needs a simple replacement, or is a sign of something else.


In some occasions a malfunctioning air conditioner is not from a problem with the unit itself, but rather with the thermostat. Dead batteries, incorrectly calibrated sensors, or even a thermostat that is not set correctly can create problems with the efficiency of your AC system. Make sure to change the batteries in your thermostat every six months and monitor that your system is fulfilling your desired settings to help you avoid unnecessary AC repairs.

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