Is Your Air Conditioner Failing?

It’s the dead heat of summer, and this is no time for your air conditioner to fail. While proper maintenance can help your AC get the most of its lifespan, there is a time in every machine’s life that it has cooled its last room.

The question is, how do you know when your air conditioner is failing? Or might it just be in need of repair? The answer isn’t always simple, but here are a few tips from our air conditioner technicians to give you a better idea.

Lack of Cool Air

Yes, we know this is somewhat of a given, but the lack of cool air can mean a couple of different things. One potential cause for warmer air is that the coolant is low, which can be a minor issue. But it may also mean that the compressor is completely kaput.

A slightly less noticeable problem is if your air conditioner is taking longer than usual to cool down. While it may get there eventually, longer cooling times can be a small hint from your AC that it is having major internal problems. Again, if you catch it early enough, it may mean only a small repair. 

Strange Noises or Smells

For sounds, you may be able to assess what is wrong by listening carefully. If you can narrow down where the sound is coming from, or what might be causing it, there is a chance it could be repair-worthy. Unidentifiable sounds, screeching, or grinding noises are often a sign of something more extensive going on within the system. 

Smells can be very worrisome for multiple reasons. If there is even a hint of musty smell coming from your air conditioning unit it can be coming from mold inside the unit. This problem needs to be remedied as soon as possible to eliminate that dirty air circulating through your home. Equally as troublesome is bad odor coming from burned out wire insulation or an overheated unit. 

Excess Costs

Costs can sometimes creep up on you, but keeping costs in mind can really give a good indication on how well your air conditioner is working. 

The first thing to notice is if monthly utility bills seem to be going up. An AC that isn’t running properly may do things like constantly turning on and off, or taking too long to cool–and can cause bills to rise. Another cost addition is if you’re paying for a lot of maintenance or minor repairs, especially if it’s keeping an old, inefficient unit running. 

Swapping an old air conditioning system for a new one can feel like a herculean task (and a large expense)  for many homeowners, but keeping an old air conditioner can often be money down the drain if you’re paying to fix something that continually breaks.

If you aren’t sure what your air conditioner problems are telling you, it’s definitely time to ask one of our techs to take a look. We can give you expert advice on repairs and replacements, including second estimates to make sure you have opinions from all angles. If a new unit is what you’re leaning towards, we also offer financing options and seasonal specials to help you get your home cool and comfortable. 

Call us anytime for estimates or same-day repairs. Our Silver State HVAC technicians are available 24/7.


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