Taking A Dip Into Bathtub Plumbing Problems

Whether you use your bathtub on a daily basis or a few times a month to relax, bathtub plumbing problems can be a frustrating issue to have to deal with. The best way to get your bathtub back is to call for help from a licensed and experienced plumber.


Why You Should Call A Plumber For Bathtub Plumbing Problems


Plumbing problems in a bathtub can quickly progress causing bigger problems or even increase the risk of an unsanitary situation. Plumbers have the knowledge needed to identify the true cause of the problem, but they also have the specialized skills and resources needed to quickly and effectively resolve it.


Common Bathtub Plumbing Problems


Bathtubs and showers can be affected by anything from hair to soap scum leading to a number of different problems such as:


  • Clogged Drains: Hair, grime, soap scum, and more all get washed down the drain of your bathtub. Over time, these things accumulate causing clogs to develop in the drain. Small clogs can potentially be cleared out using a simple snake from a home improvement store, but other clogs require specialized equipment from a plumber.
  • Slow Draining Tub: As the items that lead to a clog begin to build up in the drain system, you will likely notice that water is draining slower than usual. Slow draining water is one of the first signs of a blockage and should be addressed before the drain becomes completely clogged.
  • Stuck Tub Stopper: One of the most common problems is a stopper that gets stuck and prevents water from draining. If this is a problem, start by trying to pull out the stopper and clearing off any hair or grime that has built up on it. If you are not able to pull it out or you discover that the stopper is broken, a plumber can help you get the problem fixed easily.
  • Backed Up Water: If notice that your bathtub gets backed up with water when the toilet is flushed or the sink is used, there is likely a serious issue with the plumbing lines and possibly the sewer line. Do not wait to call a plumber if this happens, small problems with a sewer can very quickly create the need for a major repair.


Ways To Avoid Plumbing Problems In The Bathtub


The best ways to avoid an issue with your bathroom plumbing is to be careful with you put down the drains or flush down the toilet.

You can start by using a screen or drain trap to catch hair, bobby pins, hair ties, and other small objects that could get rinsed down the drain.

Be cautious of the amounts of soaps and cleansers you allow down the drains. Some of these items can solidify, while others leave behind a slimy solution; both of which build up in the drains and pipes.


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