Is it Safe to Have a Plumber or HVAC Technician Visit during the Pandemic?

It’s probably been overstated by now, but we are definitely walking a new path as our cities and states begin to reopen for business. One of the questions that has come up from customers is whether or not it’s safe to call a technician into their home.

For some this may be an easy “yes” answer, but many who may be more at risk for COVID may be weighing the pros and cons of whether or not it’s worth bringing in a stranger or living with a broken plumbing situation, faulty appliance, or other potential hazard.

Our company was built to serve, and for us this time is no different. In fact, this situation gives our team of plumbers and certified technicians a way to bring their service to an even higher level.

As part of that commitment to serve, we have implemented several safety policies for all of our team members visiting homes and families. We don’t want you to have to choose between your health and a faulty appliance, leaky pipe, or broken air conditioner. We want you to say, “Yes, I feel comfortable having a plumber in my home.”

Silver State COVID Procedures

Sanitize: Our technicians sanitize their hands inside their trucks at arrival, being sure to start clean at your home.

Masks: Before entering you will be asked approval if you’d like the technician to wear a verified face mask. If approved, this will be kept on the entire time.

Coverings: Shoe covers and nitrile gloves are worn by technicians at all times when touching components around your home.

Social distance: Work is done with the same efficiency as always, while maintaining the advised 6 ft. distance from your household members.

Again, we emphasize our promise to service and safety. If you have any additional questions about our procedures, or have specific needs for our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here 24/7 to help you with any plumbing need, and ensure you feel safe and comfortable while we do it.