How to Lower Your Bill with Rising Temperatures

Air Conditioner Repairs

When the temperature starts heating up this summer it’s pretty easy to determine the next best move: start up the A/C. The problem with this quick fix is that homeowners frequently forgo thinking about how hard their air conditioners will be working all summer to keep them cool. Although, a good reminder can be the rising utility bill. 

We’re all about maintaining and keeping systems running smoothly, and air conditioners are no different. Proper summer maintenance for your air conditioner can lengthen the lifetime of your A/C, and save you money on your utility bill. 

Full maintenance can also find larger problems prohibiting your air conditioner from working properly. When it’s hot outside, it can be easy to do small fixes just to get your unit running, but if you are avoiding larger problems or not replacing small parts as needed you could be doing your unit a disservice in the long run. 

We’ve broken down maintenance into simpler and (slightly) more in depth, to help you see what can be done at every level. Like things easy? We have ideas for that. Enjoy an hour or so of satisfying cleaning? We have other ideas for that. Does everything having to do with AC maintenance sound overwhelming? We can help you there too! 


Take it Easy: Simple Tasks

Here’s a few things that can take you only minutes to update, but save you $$ on the utility bill. 

Change the filters: Check your unit and filters needed, then head over to the hardware store for some new replacements. Changing these can keep your system running better and improve the air quality in your home

Remove debris from the outside: This can be as simple as pulling back overgrown plants or removing weeds growing nearby.

Check the coolant lines: These lines can be seen outside because they’ll typically be covered in insulation. Check and replace any insulation to make sure these lines can work at their best.

Clean the outside coils: While you’re checking the coolant lines you can give the coils a good cleaning too. This can be as simple as using a garden hose, or if you need something stronger you can find cleaners at the hardware store. Remember to turn off your unit and cover electrical parts before washing!

Install a programmable thermostat: If you don’t already have one, this is one of easiest and best ways to keep your utility bill down. If your thermostat is already programmable, make sure it’s still functioning correctly and efficiently. 


Keep it Cool: A Little Elbow Grease

Clean the fins: Keeping the fins straight, and free of dirt and dust, will help air flow better for your AC. A little patience and a soft toothbrush might be all you need. If you have bent fins you can find tools to straighten them out too. Just be careful not to break them as you clean.

Check the concrete slab: If your air conditioner is sitting on a slab, chances are over time it can become unlevel. Checking the slab is a quick task, but making it level again may take a little more time. You can do this by propping up the lower side and adding gravel underneath until the slab is straight again. 

Repair & clean the ducts: If you can see any of your ducts you can do a simple spot check for damaged, worn or leaking areas that need fixing. Duct cleaning can take more time, but is needed periodically to ensure air is flowing easily and cleanly. 

Clean the condensation lines: This may take more work and knowledge of your unit, but it’s important to keep these lines clean and free of clogs to avoid a potential plumbing problem at your house


Relax & Chill: No Work Needed

If sitting back and staying cool is more your thing, we recommend hiring one of our technicians to do the work for you! It’s the simplest (and fastest) way to get your AC cleaned properly and up to speed for the coming summer heat. We like to be up front with all of our appointments, so there’s no surprises on your end.

If you’re interested in having a professional service your AC unit, ducts or other areas you can call us anytime for a free estimate. And at any time during the visit feel free to talk to our certified team member about any part of your AC to better understand your unit, see what maintenance is being done, or talk about future updates that may be needed.